The WISPER group pioneered the production of spicatum within a plantation production model 15 years ago and is now the world’s largest spicatum plantation manager.

A sandalwood investment opportunity offers investors the ability to participate directly within the sandalwood industry by partnering with an established and highly experienced operational team that have a proven spicatum production history.

  • Industry Leader: the world’s largest spicatum plantation asset manager controlling over 65% of the current supply of spicatum from plantation
  • Significant First Mover Advantage Taken: continuous investment in R&D, plantation model, team, technology and market development over the last 15 years has resulted in the accumulation of advanced industry knowledge and intellectual property
  • Proven Plantation Model: developing commercial plantations since 2002 with a consistent and reliable supply of product coming online
  • Institutional Grade Manager: asset management of institutional capital since 2010 with a strong track record of performance and commitment to best practice
  • Strong Stable Team: a well established team, with no staff turnover at a senior level and with close working relationships going back more than 20 years
  • Positioned for Growth: ready to scale up with strong upside from emerging markets and new product initiatives
  • Global Accreditation: WISPER is committed to managing the plantations to the highest standard therefore WISPER’s forestry manager WASP has undertaken to become Australian Forestry Standard (AFS4708) certified and to demonstrate that the company is managed in line with AFS requirements. First certified in 2010 with operations independently audited every nine months. We offer a complete chain of custody from plantation to final product.

Why Sandalwood?


Western Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) is a tree native to the semiarid areas of Southwest Australia and produces one of the world’s most valuable hardwood commodities. Highly sought after for its valuable medicinal oils and associated fragrance, spicatum faces unprecedented demand from traditional religious markets and the growing middle classes of China and India.

  • Native species: Santalum spicatum is native to Western Australia and well adapted to the wheatbelt production environment
  • High Value Product: one of the highest value timber commodities in the world with exports from Western Australia dating back to 1845
  • Strong Supply and Demand Dynamics: markets are diverse, by type and geography. Supply from wild sources are increasingly constrained
  • Price Underpinned by Strong Traditional Markets: growth in the traditional ceremonial, religious and fragrance markets linked to population and a growing middle class
  • Attractive Alternatives Asset Class: timber as an asset class offers attractive returns and offers diversification benefits for developing balanced portfolios.