Our plantations offer direct ownership of the forestry assets and as such provide the ability for investors to increase their exposure to real assets within their own diversified portfolio. 

Sophisticated investors are attracted to an alternative asset class backed by strong fundamentals due to;·

·      Superior risk adjusted return

·      Non-correlated alternative asset

·     Institutional grade investment company with preeminent IP

·     Strong supply and demand dynamics





The WISPER group continues to research new market possibilities within the major sandalwood markets in India, Taiwan and China and has developed strong relationships with sandalwood traders in those areas.

WISPER has a high commitment to research and development for all products produced from the trees biological assets. As well as supplying end markets with our sustainable supply of sandalwood and sandalwood essential oil we are committed to developing products and end markets for the plantations bi-products.

WISPER acts as a seed investor in sandalwood products that require nurturing and a devotion to product development. A prime example of this is our nut oil product Sanoytal that is sold in the U.S, Europe and across Asia.